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Mae Alesna

GlobalEd Solutions is not your ordinary company that helps International teachers like me. They are true to their promise of providing quality and reliable services to teachers. One thing I could justify is that they don’t see us as clients, but it is more than that. They create a bond, a relationship that surely will last.

School Feedback

We strive to provide the best experience to our Global Educators while offering the most competitive rates. We operate with transparency, promote fairness, and we always put people first.

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Fantastic! She feels our staff has been really helpful and welcoming which isn't always the case for others (is what others told her). I appreciate all your work on this.

Teacher Testimonies

We strive to provide the best experience to our Global Educators while offering the most competitive rates. We operate with transparency, promote fairness, and we always put people first.


Jessa Bahan

Globaled solutions llc is more than just an agency to me. They understand you and do everything to help you out. Their transparency is what makes them stand out from other recruitment agencies. I am more than grateful that globaled help me in realizing my dreams. Thank you and more power!


Renz Unabia

I enjoyed working with GlobalEd Solutions, LLC. They are brilliant and so friendly. They taught us everything we needed to know, from the training sessions to getting our employment. They helped us find the best employer. They answered all questions and took immediate action if there were any issues. So warm and knowledgeable. made things for me effective and stress-free.

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Marfe Antonio

GlobalEd Solutions, LLC is the most reliable, transparent, approachable and accommodating agency. They guide me every step of the way in my teaching application to the United States, and I can’t imagine processing all those documents without GlobalEd. You are valued and prioritized as you do business with them. They don’t only treat you as client, but they also make you feel as family who wish to make a difference in your teaching career. 

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Jackie Castillo

I am very grateful to have a chance to be part of this reliable agency, the GlobalEd Solutions, LLC. They supported me throughout the process, even until now. Keeping their applicants safe and secure is their top priority, and they always make sure that each one of us will be able to have a chance to make our dreams a reality.


Evelyn Sellar

All my dreams are just imagination until I met GlobalEd Solutions,LLC. What I greatly love about GlobalEd is its transparency. It is not an agency but a family to all aspirants. Growth Mindset is what I love most.


Catherine Diamada

GlobalEd Solutions, LLC. It is extremely well organized, dependable, and transparent. They helped me every step of the way, from the beginning until I arrived in the United States. They also assisted me in finding a place to stay when I arrived in Florida, USA, and they continue to communicate with me still.

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Mechora Señoron

My experience with GlobalEd Solutions was amazing, and I appreciate it beyond words. They guided me through the entire process of moving to and working here in the USA. From the initial stages of gathering necessary documents, until the end with purchasing my flight and preparing me for what to expect and who to contact, they were there. They also responded quickly to all my questions, big and small, in a timely manner. Furthermore, they were also very transparent. 


Dante Sarosad

The company is very transparent in terms of their fees and related charges. The staffs are very accommodating with members' querries. I highly reccommend the company to all j1 and h1 aspirants.


Nadine Hamili

GlobalEd Solutions got me settled first in terms of the documents that I need to acquire before I can finally start working. I would never have had this kind of systematic and somehow effortless experience if not for them. I will be forever grateful to GlobalEd Solutions for everything, especially for making this dream come true.


Cindy Severino

GlobalEd Solutions provides genuine assistance to teachers who want to teach in the US. The owner and staff are approachable. The service fast and reliable. The cost is way lower than the other agencies. Why choose GlobalEd Solutions, LLC? It truly feels for its clientele.

A. Pacana - 2x2 Picture.jpg

Angelic Pacaña

GlobalEd Solutions LLC is not just an agency, but more of a family that helps one another build and achieve dreams. It is an agency that offers cheap yet quality service to us. It offers professional development trainings that would really equip you when you apply and do interviews. When it comes to questions, they try their very best to accommodate us.  They are with you in every step of the way. They are so patient and transparent in everything. 


Yvette VIllarta

I would like to express my gratitude for the kind support and guidance of GlobalEd in this journey. I was there prepared and informed of the necessary documents and information. It is not good to compare, but I have met 2 teachers who were with the other agency in which I provided them with some details that I have learned from your good office. Keep it up! 


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We strive to keep our transactions clear and concise and make sure that our business process is understood by our clients and partners.

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