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At GlobalEd Solutions, we have streamlined the process for schools to sign up for GlobalHire, our comprehensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform specially designed to make hiring global educators a seamless and efficient experience.



To kick-start your recruitment journey, simply scan the provided QR code or click the button below and sign up using your school email address to access our diverse pool of global educators.

Video Consultation

Browse and Interview

Next, take your time to browse through the extensive list of professional teachers from across the globe. Utilize our user-friendly platform to contact and schedule interviews with potential recruits who meet your institution's unique needs and objectives.

Image by Nicole Geri

Hire and Choose a Visa

Once you select a teacher who fits your requirements, extend a job offer through the platform. GlobalHire provides vital information on visa options, helping you to make an informed choice between J-1 or H-1B based on your hiring preference.

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Review Services and Fees

GlobalEd Solutions offers customized services to accommodate your specific budget and requirements. We present flexible fee structures that best align with your school's priorities, guiding you through the process of selecting the optimal combination for your needs.

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Securely Upload Requirements

During the recruitment journey, you will need to submit certain documents. GlobalHire provides a detailed checklist of required documentation, ensuring a thorough submission process. Our platform allows you to upload and share these documents securely, maintaining compliance and confidentiality.

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Stress-Free Deployment

With the recruitment and paperwork complete, all that remains is a smooth onboarding process as your newly hired teacher arrives and acclimates to their new environment. GlobalHire is there for you, providing real-time updates and estimated timelines throughout the deployment process. 

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