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  • What are the benefits of teaching in the United States?
  • What is GlobalHire?
    GlobalHire is a software platform developed by GlobalEd Solutions. It offers free resources to international teachers who want to teach in the United States. The platform aims to help global educators achieve their dream of becoming a teacher in the US affordably.
  • What type of US visa do you offer?
    We accept J-1 Teacher Exchange and H-1B working visa applications.
  • What is my expected salary as an international teacher in the U.S.?
    The average salary for international teachers in the U.S. can vary widely depending on factors like location, educational background, experience, and the subject taught. Generally, teachers' salaries in the U.S. can range from approximately $40,000 to $60,000 per year. However, in certain states or for positions requiring specialized skills or experience, salaries can be higher. At GlobalEd Solutions, we believe in partnering with the best schools that value and compensate their teaching staff accordingly. That's why we only collaborate with schools that hire highly qualified and experienced international educators. As a result, our teachers usually enjoy competitive salaries that are on the higher end of the scale.
  • What is the different between both Visas?
  • What is an H1-B visa?
    It is a non-immigrant working visa for highly skilled foreign workers. It is an employer-driven visa for employers seeking highly qualified international workers.
  • How do I qualify to become an H-1B candidate?
    Candidates must qualify before starting their H-1B application. To qualify to apply for an H-1B visa, candidates must possess: A diploma/degree in education, at least a bachelor's degree At least ten years of teaching experience or a Master's or PhD in education Alignment with teaching experience and education Teaching license or certificate Financial capability to shoulder the application fees Applicants must pass the assessment test. The assessment is found here: As soon as candidates pass the assessment test they will be sent an application form to be on the shortlist of candidates. After they submit the form they will need to submit a Foreign Credential Evaluation (FCE) and other supporting documents. To start the FCE application click here: Candidates who pass the screening interview will be endorsed to our partner school or added to the H-1B candidate pool, allowing schools to view their profiles. For more info, visit:
  • How much does it cost to apply?
    At GlobalEd Solutions, we pride ourselves on our affordable and efficient services. Which is why we only charge for every service a candidate avails. Here are our starting prices: Onboarding fee at $99 H-1B Screening fee at $50 Professional Development Course at $45 US Teaching License at $990 Deployment starts at $1,999 To learn more, take our assessment and unlock more resources:
  • What are the application phases?
    GlobalEd Solutions through GlobalHire has systematically classified the hiring process into different phases. These phases are: Phase 1 – Initial Onboarding: Service Agreement | Portal Access | Initial Documents | Initial Screening Assessment Phase 2 – Screening (H-1B candidates): Screening Interview | PD – Online Training | Visa Documentation Phase 3 – Placement: Teaching Certification | H-1B Petition or Sponsorship Processing Phase 4 – Deployment: Visa Processing | Exit Clearance (J-1 Visa) | Travel Arrangement | US Documents
  • What is the Onboarding Process?
    The onboarding process is the initial stage of the hiring process. Candidates who pass the initial screening will be provided with a list of complete requirements to meet H-1B requirements or program sponsorship, certification, and US visa criteria.
  • What are the initial requirements?
    The checklist for initial requirements is available in the member's corner section. Please click the link below to be routed. Link
  • What are GlobalEd Solutions days and hours of operation?
    GlobalEd Solutions is open from Mondays to Fridays, 8AM to 4PM Arizona time. There will be no transactions done before and after the hours mentioned. All communications will be answer within 24-48 hours due to the volume.
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