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About Us

GlobalEd Solutions is a registered Staffing and Placement company that recruits highly skilled international professionals for our US partner institutions to hire. 


We recruit and train certified educators from different countries across the globe to achieve their goal of traveling and working in the US. We aim to help the with the teacher shortage and provide better education across the country.  Furthermore, we partner with US schools to ensure an efficient hiring and transition process. 

High Fives


We are committed to providing the highest quality of service between host institutions and international educators. We are focus on academic sustainability and promoting global cultural diversity


We are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our candidates and clients. We aim to preserve transparency and affordability as promote cultural diversity, global economic growth, and industrial sustainability. 

Sign Love to Learn


We aim to establish a global academic connection with transparency and efficiency, promote cultural diversity, and build a strong relationship.

Our Company



We strive to keep our transactions clear and concise and make sure that our business process is understood by our clients and partners.


We provide the best quality of service to our teachers and partner schools and always put people first. 


We offer reasonable fees because we believe high-quality service should be accessible to all.

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