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School Portal: Solving the Biggest Challenges Faced by School Recruiters

According to the latest data, more than 20% of teachers left their jobs during the past three years and 2/3 of teachers leave within the first 5 years. With so many teachers leaving, it’s important to understand why there are so many turnover issues. After all, teachers are in high demand and there are plenty of great ones out there who want nothing more than to work with students in a classroom environment. Recruiting qualified teachers can be a very difficult task for school districts across the country.

The Struggle

Finding the right teacher for your students is more than a matter of qualifications—it's a complex, ever-changing process that requires multiple layers of collaboration. The human resource staff, principal, and other school administrators need to screen each candidate in order to ensure they are the right fit for the district. This means sorting through resumes and cover letters to figure out who to invite for an interview and become potential teachers and making sure that the candidate’s credentials are in order.

All of this takes time, which can take hours out of a week spent on other important tasks. This means you have to have a more efficient process in place. The right process will help alleviate many of the issues that come with turnover—and by extension, improve student learning outcomes.

The Solutions

We developed a client portal to solve the biggest challenges faced by school recruiters, from sourcing through hiring, by providing clear insights into the teachers’ skills and professional qualities that matter most for each role.

We believe that finding the right teacher is just as critical as a move to the right school. Furthermore, we built a simple-to-use online application that allowed teachers to create a profile and upload their resumes, cover letters, and references. They also answer questions from their training to gauge their understanding of the topics they learned. School administrators would then be able to review applications from qualified candidates before setting up interviews.

We have also developed a system for gathering and analyzing data about teacher performance. This information helps schools find the best teachers to fill the vacant roles and can make the hiring process much more efficient.

GlobalEd Solutions Client Portal
GlobalEd Solutions Client Portal

GlobalEd Solutions allows the candidate to create their profile in the portal as a reference to the host schools. Our partner schools will have access to:

  • Cover Letter

  • Resume

  • Essay

  • Personality Test Result

  • Video Resume

  • Reference Letters

Click the button to get routed to the School Portal

Username: Host School

Password: Teach123

Partner schools will also have their own personalized account with the complete lineup of teachers according to their job postings.

GlobalEd solutions conduct background checks and reference checks in order to make sure that there are no red flags that would disqualify a candidate from consideration. Our system can provide school administrators with insights into teacher profiles, references, and performance, giving them the ability to make better hiring decisions.


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