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Make It Count

In the state of Arizona, statistics show that there were more than two hundred (200) international teachers who were given job offers but never made it to the US. That is 200+ hours of principals, school heads and other administrators’ hours wasted spending time going through resumes and conducting interviews to international teachers hoping they will come and help their struggling schools fill their certified teaching vacancies. The number could be much worse in other states.

Prevent this from happening to your school district. We highly advise schools to please save your hiring staff's time and effort. Hiring international teachers directly from their home-countries can cause more harm than you think.


But we are here to help.

Our international teachers:

  • Are diverse group of people from different countries across the globe.

  • Have gone through multiple screening process to assess their competency.

  • Will have secured sponsorship slots for teachers to ensure they receive their US visas.

  • Have verified education, employment references and teaching experience to secure a state teaching certification.

  • Have gone through professional development training to better equip and prepare them for their US roles.

  • Will be provided a conducive place to live and transportation for their first year.

  • Are qualified for J-1 Teacher Exchange visa and H-1B working visa

Partner schools are granted access to our client portal to view our 100+ highly qualified and competent candidates, including certified bilingual-Spanish, Special Education, Math and Science teachers.

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